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Customer Reviews

Blue Water LED started as a family business. That's why we treat our customers just like family.

Dave Lawson - Paris, Kentucky

Blue Water LED lights made it easier to see in my compartments at night or early in the morning, the deck lights have made it easier to move around at night, and the nav lights and blacklights in the rub rail has made night fishing amazing, but most of all the lights and having them installed has allowed me to meet new friends...

Dan Bowman - Dayton, Ohio

As a dealer for Blue Water LEDs for several years now, your company is the kind I look to represent. From a high quality product being made right here in the U.S. to the customer service that has yet to fail me. It's companies like Blue Water that I have no problem putting my reputation on the line by recommending...

Jebb Harrison - Selma, Alabama

Having the lights in the compartments is incredible. Now you don't have to hold a flashlight with your teeth while trying to find something in the bottom of the compartment. The lights on the deck make it easy being able to see while tying on lures in low light situations. The front running lights make it much more safer...

Blue Water LED Pro Staff

Professional anglers want the best gear to support their continued success. When they look to enhance their fishing experience at night, they look to Blue Water LED products to add light just where it's needed. Trust the Pros and go with Blue Water LEDs.

Meet Our Complete Pro Staff

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Angling Hero: Grandfather - "Papa taught me to fish and to love the sport." Home Lake: Lake Waco (TX) - "It's a sleeper. It's an awesome fishery." Favorite Lake: Falcon Lake - "It has lots of them, and they're big and dumb."

HOME: Waco, Texas

Angling Hero: Grandfather - "Papa taught me to fish and to love the sport."

Home Lake: Lake Waco (TX) - "It's a sleeper. It's an awesome fishery."

Favorite Lake: Falcon Lake - "It has lots of them, and they're big and dumb."

Least Favorite Lake: Potomac River (MD)

Favorite Technique: Junk fishing - Casting at shallow, visible targets

Primary Fishing Strength: Pitching and flipping soft-plastics and jigs to visible shallow cover

Secondary Fishing Strength: Sight-fishing

Biggest Weakness: "I think I can hang with anybody at any technique. I just don't like that word 'weakness'."

"My Blue Water LEDs make all the difference in my tackle preparation. In the morning before take-off or late at night getting ready for the next day Blue Water LEDs ensure that my deck is as bright as a football field."




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