Proper installation is very important for your livewell lights, so carefully follow the installation instructions below to insure your lights give you long lasting service.
To install your lights, you will need:
    Livewell Lights
    Small Drill Bit




1.       After inspecting your livewell lights, pull the wire leads straight. Measure the leads to see if you will need additional wire to connect them to a power source. Do not attach any additional wire at this time. If additional wire will be needed, it will be attached later in this installation guide. We recommend 22 guage/2 wire.




   Carefully drill a hole in the existing hole next to the wire leads just large enough to fit the two wires through.
   Now is a good time to clean the surface with rubbing alcohol so the adhesive will adhere properly.
   Locate the desired position for your livewell lights. (They need to be installed below the surface of the water to prevent glare). Measure both sides so your lights will be symettrical. Using the same drill bit, drill about one inch from the bottom of the well.




   Feed the wires through the hole you enlarged in the light. Pull the wires tight through the hole and line them up so that they are not twisted.
   Next feed the wires through the hole you drilled in the livewell. It is helpful to have someone help you by pulling the wire from the other side, stopping with just an inch of wire left in the livewell. Have your helper pull the slack so that both wires are tight.




Flip the livewell light over and peel a small corner of your 3M Super Strength Adhesive Strip to save fumbling with it in the next step.




Sealing the Livewell
   Peel the red backing from the 3M Super Strength Adhesive Strip and squeeze your silicone onto the wires and around the hole drilled in your livewell.




   While someone slowly pulls the wires from the other side, hold your light horizontally straight and as the sires tighten, press into place. Then, continue putting pressure on the light for 60 seconds. Pulling the wires through should have fed your silicone into the hole and packed it behind the edge of the light. This will keep your livewell from leaking.
   Once your lights are mounted, you need to connect the wires to your power source or switch, adding additional wire if needed. If you are replacing existing or factory lighting, you can connect your new livewell lights into the existing wiring provided for those lights. If lighting does not currently exist, you will need to connect your lights to a 12 volt DC source or through an existing 12 volt switch on your console.




Finished Product
   Your finished product will provide bright light below the surface eliminating the chance of surface glare. It will also keep your fish from trying to get out of the livewell, since they now see the surface as a barrier instead of an escape route.

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